Traditional Condiments in Non-traditional Uses

The season of outdoor barbeques comes with a few obligatory condiments. But what happens when the guests go home and the inside of your fridge door is congested with litres of unused condiments? Either you can use it once in a blue moon or you can maximize its potential with some of these handy tips. We’ve dissected the four most common barbeque condiments and their unconventional uses.

Thought ketchup was only for dipping fries or chicken nuggets? Think again! Ketchup goes great alongside any dish that requires a sweet and sour flavor. For starters using this on barbeque ribs when in short supply of barbecue sauce makes an impeccable substitute. For the more adventurous, try the sauce in your favorite sweet and sour stir-fry and easily witness the taste transform. Some classic British baked beans dish (similar to Heinz canned beans) can even be made with ketchup in lieu of tomato paste. The point is, don’t underestimate ketchup. You can easily work it into your home-made gourmet dishes and get compliments from your family or dinner guests.

I remember growing up avoiding mustard. Only until my early teens did the sharp, bitter flavor grow on me. Again, this condiment has more potential than your average hot dog topping. If you feel your Costco-size mustard bottle could use some help, there’s quite a few possibilities. Sprinkling some simple ingredients like salt, honey, olive oil, and black vinegar with mustard makes a perfect honey mustard seasoning for your salad. Otherwise, my family have experimented with mustard and a variety of baked proteins including chicken and lamb. Pairing mustard and mayo with a cheesy topping creates a smooth, creamy Dijon dip That’s sure to please any foodie.

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is devouring the fish burger from McDonalds’s. Have you ever wondered what goes into that tangy white sauce? Hint: It has something to do with relish. If You’re concerned about the overwhelming amount of relish leftover at each summer barbeque (as any good host would), look no further for creative ways to consume that half a litre of relish. Combining relish, onions, mayo with your favorite herbs such as cilantro, scallions and parsley produces a versatile dip for any seafood dish. For the adventurous you can try adding relish to potato salad, egg salad and grilled salmon dinners.

You either love it enough to spread it over all your favorite carbs or you take it out of the fridge only to check the expiry date. If You’re the latter like me, there’s plenty of ideas for the mayonnaise That’s a month away from expiry. I’ve already mentioned some ways it could be combined with other condiments, but you’d be surprised what improvisations are possible with mayonnaise. For one, sriracha and mayo combination along with fresh lemon juice is to die for on top of curly fries or sweet potato chips. If the ranch or Italian salad dressings sound boring to you, try adding a few spoonfuls of mayo to create a smoother, creamier texture. Slow-cooked chicken (or any protein) with mayo, curry and herbs add a creamy kick to any dish That’s sure to wow your guests.

Xin Xu is a post-graduate health-science AU student, aspiring clinician, globe-trotter, parrot-breeder and tea-connoisseur.

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