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• Aug 31: Deadline to apply for course extension for Oct
• Sept 4: AU and AUSU closed for Labour Day
• Sep 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Aug 1
• Sep 12: AUSU Council Meeting
• Sept 15: October degree requirements deadline
• Sept 29: Deadline to apply for course extension for Nov
• Oct 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Nov 1•

Connecting and Communicating

Relationship issues, misunderstandings, friction with classmates or friends—these can all affect your energy and well-being. This month, take advantage of our many resources to help you communicate and collaborate more effectively and bridge gaps.

Contact Student LifeLine any time, 24/7 at 1-800-567-2255 (TTY:1-877-371-9978) to speak to a caring, professional consultant for free expert advice.

You can also log in to (username: AUSU, password: wellness) to access a wealth of helpful articles and resources, such as:

• Homepage feature Connecting and Communicating, with links to articles, infographics, toolkits, and more.
• New podcast, Anger Resolution Tips, featuring Dr. Steven Stosny, a renowned author and media consultant on relationships, anger, and abuse.

This is a FREE service for all AUSU members!
Student Lifeline provides help and support 24/7 for any issues, from health, wellness, work, life, money, school, community referrals, and more!

Win for Nursing Students

AUSU has been actively advocating for changes to clinical practice procedures on behalf of students in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at AU for over a year.

One of the primary concerns was that the clinical signups were based on an online sign-up sheet that opened at midnight MDT, and required students to compete for a limited number of spaces. At times, the sign-up sheet was full only moments after it opened, which has had a detrimental effect for many students, some of whom ended up having to extend their programs to wait for the next clinical sign up opportunity, with no guarantee that they would be granted a spot on a future list.

In addition, students starting a clinical placement were required to write the NURS 401 Medical Math Exam on the first day of their placement, which for some students meant a significant cost for travel and accommodations. If the math exam was not passed, the placement was cancelled, and students who travelled were out their travel costs.

This past week, the Faculty of Health Discipline announced some program changes, including a new system for clinical placements which factor in prerequisite course completion dates, number of previous sign-up attempts, and program end date. They will also be administering the medical math exam before the clinical portion of the course.

Read more about this online here.

AUSU is excited to see some positive changes for students, and will continue to actively advocate on behalf of all undergraduate students at AU.

Advocacy Works!