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• Sept 4: AU and AUSU closed for Labour Day
• Sep 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Aug 1
• Sep 12: AUSU Council Meeting
• Sept 15: October degree requirements deadline
• Sept 29: Deadline to apply for course extension for Nov
• Oct 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Nov 1•
• Oct 12: AUSU Council Meeting

Free Subscription

Did you know AUSU provides all members with a FREE subscription to, the world’s premier video training website?

Over the past year, AUSU members have watched over 30,000 training videos on!! Some of the most popular courses our membership view are listed below, but this is not an exhaustive list!

• Access Essential Training
• Accounting Fundamentals
• C++ Essential Training
• CSS Fundamentals
• Excel Essential Training
• Foundations of Programming
• HTML Essential Training
• Introduction to Photography
• Java Essential Training
• JavaScript Essential Training
• PHP with MySQL Essential Training
• Time Management Fundamentals
• Up and Running with Python
• Word Essential Training (2013 or 2016)
• WordPress: Building Themes from Scratch

To get your free membership and start learning, visit the AUSU website here.

Financial Issues?

AUSU’s free Student Lifeline service can help!

If you’re in need of support to help you get back on track with your finances, contact Student LifeLine any time, 24/7 at 1-800-567-2255 (TTY:1-877-371-9978) to speak confidentially with a professional consultant. Whether you’re seeking tips to improve spending habits, or information to help you set a budget, reduce debt, or save more, Student Lifeline financial specialists can provide you with the expert guidance and resources that you need.

You can also log in to (username: AUSU, password: wellness) to access a wealth of helpful articles and resources, such as:

• Ebook – Getting out of Debt
• Ten Steps to Take During Difficult Financial Times
• Setting Up a Personal or Household Budget
• Quick Tips for Setting SMART Financial Goals
• Ideas for Living Within Your Means
• Saving as a Way of Life
• Financial Planning in your 20s and 30s
• Couples and Money
• Investment Basics

Student Lifeline provides help and support 24/7 for any issues, from health, wellness, work, life, money, school, community referrals, and more!

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