Editorial – Before the Fall

A late announcement this week about CASA. At the start of September, the group, (which we’ve been profiling over the past several weeks) accepted Capilano University from BC as one of its new members. This brings the organization up to 22 student association members, representing approximately 255,000 students to the federal government, including you through AUSU. CASA is one of the primary ways that AUSU lobbies at the federal level, so if you’re ever thinking there’s something that you think the country should do for post-secondary education, contact AUSU Council and they’ll do what they can to get it on the agenda with CASA, and hence the federal government.

So if you ever find yourself shaking your fist, and saying “Why there oughta be a law,” well, now you know what to do once the neighborhood kids stop laughing.

Aside from that, however, this week we have an interview with Dr. Rory McGreal, a professor in the centre for distance education and the holder of the Chair of the UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning for Open Education Resources. It’s worth a read, especially near the end, as Dr. McGreal gives his idea for something he thinks AU students should be pushing the university for. Considering his position is with the university, it’s certainly something that we should sit up and take notice of.

Also, this week, with rising increases in tuition and possible increases to your AUSU fees, saving a bit of extra money becomes more important that ever. That’s why this week, in addition to our regular scholarship of the week showcase, we also have some tips and discounts that you should be taking advantage of. Had I actually checked the discounts before finishing up the article this week, I probably would have saved myself a couple hundred dollars. Don’t be like me. Read the article first, then go buy stuff.

Also, the last consultation about AUSU’s new bylaws will be occurring this week on Tuesday, September 19th, which also happens to be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any articles celebrating this international festival of doing something silly just because you can, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it anyway. I’d be tickled pink if I heard that someone attended the bylaw consultation and spoke the entire time in fluent piratese.

As its mid-September, the impending approach of autumn is on students minds, and Deanna Roney captures some of it in her article about how Autumn tends to bring change, often in ways that we can rely on, but sometimes in ways that we never expected.

The new season also brings new albulm releases, and we have a music review of an upcoming EP from punk band Bad Mary. Will their new EP be worth the money? Our student reviewer seems to think so. That, plus news, advice, oh, and an article that asks the question if we can have good sex while having good porn, plus a number of other thoughts and articles from AU students, all add up to something to keep you busy as the leaves start to change and you seriously get into your studies. Enjoy the read!

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