Music Review – Bad Mary – Glitter Bomb

Artist: Bad Mary
EP: Glitter Bomb

On September 29, Bad Mary are dropping their new EP, Glitter Bomb. Based out of Long Island, New York, this four-piece punk band has given us a treat with their new EP. Bad Mary consists of Amanda Mac on vocals, Mike Staub on bass and vocals, Bill Mac on drums, and David Henderson on guitar. No stranger to the punk scene, Bad Mary has realised multiple EP’s and have played at festivals such as the Warped Tour and the Liberty Music Festival. Glitter Bomb has some pretty amazing album art. The pictures depict an old timey black bomb with a fuse (similar to coyote and the road runner) all decked out in glitter and pony tails. This band is clearly having fun with their style and wants to show it off.

The first song on the EP, “Motor Mouth”, is a high energy, vocally powerful song. In some punk bands the lead vocalist can get drowned out by the aggressive instruments; this is not the case for Amanda. The vocals rip through the intense drum beat and heavy guitar lines, raising the energy levels of this already powerful sing. There is a part after the guitar solo where underneath the vocals there is a demonic sounding voice repeating the lines. It truly sounds like a motor mouth.

“Will You Still Love Me” is an interesting take on a love song. Rather than reminiscing about old loves, Amanda tells a story about breaking off a love and “walking out the door”. This is a refreshing take on a love song as it isn’t a lament, but rather a cathartic experience. Glitter Bomb sounds as if it has taken inspiration from No Doubt and The Ramones. The great thing about Bad Mary is that they can take inspiration from other artists but still put their own style into the song.

The group also gives us a special treat with the cover of “Hybrid Moments” originally done by The Misfits. Mike takes the reins on the vocals and he does an excellent job emulating Glenn Danzig’s voice while still adding his own flare. Rounding off the EP is “Japan”. Amanda gives us an electrifying end to this EP with her fast lyrics and strong vocals. The off beats of the drums and the break downs by the guitar create a spirted song that showcases the band’s strong points. This song has a sense of finality, which makes it a perfect closing song. It is an amazing feat that a band can have an EP full of bold, enthusiastic songs and still keep you hooked.

Bad Mary is a band that is transcending what people think of punk music. Taking styling from 70’s rock while still maintaining their modern punk is a refreshing take on this music scene. If you can’t catch them live, their YouTube channel is full of live content. If you would like to pre-order Glitter Bomb you can do so on their website or on iTunes.

Drew Kolohon is an avid music fan who is finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in English.

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