Women of Interest – Cathy Crowe

Cathy Crowe was born in 1952 in Cobourg, Ontario. She is a street nurse, educator, and author who is a strong advocate for the homeless in Canada, and is also a Distinguished Visiting Practitioner in the Faculty of Arts, Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University. She received her nursing degree from Toronto General Hospital in 1972 and her Master of Education in Sociology from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Cathy is most well-known for her work with the homeless in Toronto. She cofounded the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, where she stated that homelessness is a man-made disaster. In 2010 she entered politics and ran for the Ontario New Democratic Party, finishing a strong second. She worked closely with the leader of the federal NDP, the late Jack Layton, and wrote a foreword to his book “Homelessness. How to End the National Crisis.” Cathy Crowe authored her own book “Dying for a Home” which suggests way to combat homelessness in this country.

She is the recipient of many awards and honorary degrees—too many to name here—that may be found at the following websites:

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