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Student Lifeline -Finding Balance

From family and friends to school, work and other commitments, from handling financial stress to the pressures of being a student and dealing with life’s challenges and changes, Student LifeLine can help you navigate competing priorities and responsibilities and find a balance.

Contact Student LifeLine any time, 24/7 at 1-800-567-2255 (TTY:1-877-371-9978) to speak to a caring, professional consultant for free expert advice.

You can also log in to (username: AUSU, password: wellness) to access a wealth of helpful articles and resources, such as:

• Finding a Balance, this month’s feature on the Lifeline homepage, where you’ll find links to articles, toolkit, recordings, and infographics.
• New podcast, Fitting Work and Life Together

Student Lifeline’s team of expert consultants can help you handle all your competing priorities and find the balance that feels right for you.

This is a FREE service for all AUSU members!

Student Lifeline provides help and support 24/7 for any issues, from health, wellness, work, life, money, school, community referrals, and more!

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