Music Review – Bliss n Eso

Off the Grid Album CoverFollowing the release of their album Off the Grid, the Australian hip hop group, Bliss n Eso, went on a fifteen show Canadian tour.  Starting in Victoria, BC, and ending in Toronto, ON, Bliss n Eso showed off their new album as well as their older hits.  MC Bliss, MC Eso, and DJ Izm make up the Hip Hop trio.  Bliss n Eso are extremely popular in their homeland, winning awards at the APRA’s and ARIA’s, highly esteemed award ceremonies in Australia.  Not only have they won awards, but they also have three platinum records and endorsements from Rolling Stone Magazine and the Daily Telegraph.

The self-titled song, “Off the Grid” starts off as an introduction to the rest of the album.  The line “its been awhile, yes it has, now its time for the solar eclipse” shows the spirit that Bliss n Eso have coming back to make this album.  They already knew that it would be a success.  This song bleeds confidence and showcases what this trio is best at.  The barebones drum beat with a deep horn background creates a dark and intense feel.

“Tear the Roof Off” showcases the incredible timing and rhyme scheme that this hip hop trio is known for.  With the addition of Watsky, a rapper that has an incredible talent of fast rapping, Bliss n Eso take to the challenge and lay down some incredible fast lines.  Watsky is best known for his video Pale Kid Raps Fast, which got him interviewed on Ellen.  Keeping up with Watsky could prove challenging, but MC Bliss and MC Eso each get a long verse to demonstrate their speed.  DJ Izm gets his time to shine in “Whatever Happened to the DJ”.  Izm adds his scratching skills to this song almost working as a third vocalist.  The song focuses on the importance of having a solid DJ, and  references how they have seen many rappers in their travels, most of which don’t have a DJ.  Izm’s scratching plays very well with the vocals of Bliss n Eso.

Having a large following in Australia, Bliss n Eso have gained much success, even holding a record for the largest hip hop tour with 55,000 fans.  Touring in Canada means that they can showcase their skills to a new audience.  A month prior to dropping Off the Grid they dropped their single “Moments”, which features Gavin James and has been streamed over thirteen million times on Spotify at this writing.  The timing was perfect, creating some hype for the drop of their album.  “Moments” is a song that illuminates Bliss n Eso’s range.  Slower than most songs on their album, it lets Bliss n Eso reminisce on their past and examine their own personal journey.  Gavin James voice adds to the emotional connection on this song.

All the band’s music can be found on their websiteOff The Grid can be found on all of the typical streaming sites as well as their site.  I strongly recommend adding this to your hip hop playlist.