Editorial-The Joys of Free Stuff

Nothing like a contest to make people sit up and take notice.  Case in point, the number of subscribers to the Voice Magazine have more than doubled since AUSU published our contest to win an iPad mini or one of 25 goodie packages of all new Voice Magazine and AUSU swag.

But don’t worry, there’s still time, and the odds remain better than most other contests you’ll find out there.  Just subscribe to our reminder list and you’re entered. Or if you we’re already subscribed, before our new website launch, you can simply leave us some feedback about the new site—what do you like about it? What bugs you about it?  Let us know so that we can keep improving, and in turn, you’ll be entered in the contest as well.  (That said, only one entry counts per person, so flooding my email box won’t help your odds at all, sorry.)

Something you, unfortunately, haven’t seen much repoting on in The Voice Magazine as yet is anything about the most recent hires to Vice-President positions.  Over the last few months, AU has hired both a new Provost and Voice President Academic and, most recently, a new VP of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.  I’ll save you my rant on corporate governance models and terminology increasingly being applied to public post-secondary institutions, and instead wish both of them success, and will hopefully be able to provide some in-depth interviews with these people about their backgrounds, new positions, and future goals in an upcoming issue.

In the meantime, this issue we’re featuring an interview with a new student, one who entered AU directly after grade 11.  And another writer is quickly approaching her graduation.  You would think that getting closer to the goal of achieving your degree makes things go easier, but many students will tell you it’s the exact opposite.  Barb Lehtiniemi gives us her strategies to keep pushing through, something to keep in mind as you near the end of your own program.

And if you like free stuff, be sure to check out our music review this week as well, as the album is available for free download from their site.  A warning though, this isn’t your typical music. More of a sound-scape. You need to give it some time, but if you do, I think you might find it inspiring for creativity.  At least, I’ve been listening to it for a couple of days now and that’s what I’ve been finding in it.

Plus, of course, we continue to have what you need to know about AU: events, scholarships, AUSU information, what’s the buzz on social media, as well as education news and plenty more to keep you thinking and procrastinating at the same time.

Enjoy the read!