Minds we Meet – Interviewing Students Like You!

CaraLee MacLean

CaraLee MacLean is a first year student at AU working towards her Bachelor of Commerce with a degree in Accounting.  She currently resides in her hometown Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, a village known for its logging and lumber industry and as the Gateway to Mount Carleton Provincial Park. 

Why did you choose AU for your degree?
I chose Athabasca because I started university during grade 11 and couldn’t go away – distance learning was the best solution.  I like that I can learn at my own pace and not feel rushed.  Plus, the website is easy to navigate and the courses are explained well

What course would you recommend to other AU students?
I would recommend Business Mathematics (Math244).  It is challenging, but teaches great principles that help build a great foundation to be used later in the degree.  The one thing that I found frustrating though was not having a video to watch when I got stuck as I am a visual learner.

How do you motivate yourself to keep on track with your studies?
I motivate myself by not letting myself have any entertainment until I get to a certain part in an assignment.  When I do reach those milestones, I spend time at the farm or with my family, friends and dog.

What do you snack on while you’re studying?
My favourite snack is either Lays plain chips with Italian chip dip or chocolate for when I’m studying.

What is the last novel you read?
The last novel I read was Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson.  Dee Anderson is a Christian fiction writer and I enjoyed that this novel was full of suspense and mystery.  My favorite books are often filled with those two things.

What is your number one spot to travel to on your bucket list?
Venice, Italy, but if I had to choose a vacation destination for the rest of my life it would be the family camp.  I’m a family person and this camp holds many family memories, especially with my grandparents.  I wouldn’t want to go too far away from my family for long.

Do you like this time of year?
Autumn is my favourite season with the leaves changing colours, the cooler temperatures and because it is hunting season.  I learned to hunt from my grandfather, father and with my brother and I have been hunting for six years.  Next year I want to start hunting moose and geese as well.  Our family eats all of our hunted game which I enjoy, especially Pepperoncini Goose Meat.

What is your slogan for your life?
“Can’t is a sluggard too lazy to try”. 

(Loosely based on William Allen Butler’s quote “I Can’t is a sluggard, too lazy to work”.)