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Sabine is curious if a French course’s prerequisite can be waived, and the consensus seems to be “oui”.  Jayme seeks a second-hand text for BIOL 235 and receives a flurry of suggestions and offers.

Other posts include “seasonal cheer” events, electives, GPA calculation, and courses COMP 200, ECON 380, ENGL 423, GOVN 301, and INST 348.

Navigating AB student loans:  a request for clarification about whether students have to enrol before applying for AB loans results in a detailed response about the Alberta student loans process.

@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets:  “Want a quick way to locate services and resources available to you at AU? Check out our AU Quick Links page! …

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “This is every #AthaU student! How to Stay Focused If You’re Assigned to Multiple Projects at Once: .”