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Nicole asks if it’s possible to re-enrol in a class previously withdrawn from, and students reply with the answer (yes) as well as things to consider when doing so.  Sabeen seeks and finds an APA manual, fortunately from a student in the same city.

Other posts include accessing e-texts before the course start date, running for AUSU council, and courses INST 301 and HIST 224.

@AthabascaU tweets:  “Please note this Sunday’s #AthaU Banner Service Outage, which may impact your ability to retrieve or input some key services: .”

@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets:  “Show your school spirit or pick out a great holiday gift! Shop online for @AthabascaU rings or pendants!”

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “Fa-la-la-la-laa-la-la-la-laaaa! Too soon? Not to us! Join #AthaUBiz for some seasonal cheer! First stop is Toronto on Nov.  30 – we hope to see our students and alumni there.  Details and registration:  Oh, and did we mention, it’s free :)”