Vintage Voice

Unearthing classic articles from previous issues of The Voice Magazine.

This week, settle into some armchair travelling by following AU students adjusting to life overseas.

Beer drinkers on the buses, dogs in the malls.  In a nine-piece series, Edmontonian John Buhler observes some perplexing aspects of German culture as he settles into a 6-month stay.  “We have encountered so many spiders here that I’m starting to wonder if they are Germany’s national animal.”  Life in Germany: Part 2, October 28, 2005.

From the Bay of Fundy to brown-sugar beaches.  In an ongoing series, Nova Scotian Wanda Waterman recounts her extended travels in the North African country of Tunisia.  “I resign myself to spending every morning here trying to finish my work on a Latin-Arabic (non-QWERTY) keyboard.”  Maghreb Voices – Tunisian Days 1, October 18, 2013.