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Shawna follows up on an old thread about ProctorU:  AU students can now take washroom breaks during ProctorU-supervised exams.  Whew!  Ricky is looking for who to contact at AU to discuss transfer credits and help plan his Bachelor of Management program; suggestions include the Faculty of Business.  Leslie wonders if she can do a double major with a commerce degree, and she follows up later with the answer she got from the Faculty of Biz.

Other posts include easy electives, Spanish, and AU student e-mails.

@AthabascaU tweets:  “We had a chance to chat with #AthaU‘s new Writer in Residence, @richardvancamp, about his new role, the energy he’ll be bringing and how he plans to help students:”

@AU_Press tweets:  “Forthcoming in spring 2018: “Writing the Body in Motion” edited by @angie_abdou and Jamie Dopp.  cc: @UVicEnglish @AthabascaU.”