From Where I Sit—A Better 2018

Have you ever been warned off a particular store because it’s ‘dangerous’ in there?  That very thing happened to me during my last acupuncture appointment.  During the roughly-hour-and-a-half I’m there there’s plenty of time to talk about things other than my knotted body or blocked chi.

Ruby is a Chinese woman who’s been in Canada for decades but returns at least twice a year to see her family.  She’s a registered massage therapist and acupuncturist who also does cupping.  Because she moved her practice to her home it’s easier to see how she lives.  Her house is squeaky clean and filled with crystals.  She sips on green shakes during lulls in the treatment and drinks water from a Santevia dispenser.  The relaxation music, crystals beneath the massage table, and aromatherapy diffuser in the treatment room may seem like hokey touches but are in fact therapeutic.

Because I’m a curious soul, I’m always asking questions and adding to my knowledge base.  I’ve got umpteen feng shui books and wondered if she knew of a source for Chinese coins, which are a potent wealth generator when they are activated with red thread and hung in the right place.  (I’ve had a set of three for years but who can’t use a bit more wealth?)  I assumed she’d send me to some obscure shop in Chinatown.  Not so.  Instead she mentioned Ascendant Books.  Her warning that it’s a dangerous place to go ensured I’d be there on my next visit to the city.

What’s not to love?  Five thousand square feet full of metaphysical stuff.  Books, crystals, jewelry, essential oils, singing bowls, CDs, yoga pillows, scarves, candles, incense, salt lamps, bookmarks, Chinese coins, inspirational banners and wall plaques, tarot and oracle cards, and more.  Yes, I left with three new coins and a gift certificate that Roy, ahem, will be giving me for Christmas.  My next trip back will be less exploratory and more acquisitory.

So whether your ‘dangerous’ place is Cabela’s, Indigo, Princess Auto, Simons, Michael Kors, Giant Tiger, Winners, Home Depot, or you name it, proceed with caution.  Most of us want for very little.  Choosing a select few things that really speak to or uplift us is preferable to acquiring stuff for the sake of stuff.  And believe me, I ain’t no damn minimalist.  Do I have too much?  Yes.  But as long as each of these things serves me, brings me knowledge or insight, pleases me, I will continue to love buying/receiving well-curated gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Days and whatever other Days you have.

So, my lovelies, as a year like no other draws to a close take stock and take care as you celebrate the holiday season with loved ones, and prepare for 2018.  With the world as we know it under threat from unhinged leaders, sociological tsunamis (Black Lives Matter, sexual predation, racism reignited to name some), we will need courage, common sense, and a commitment to each other to get us through.  Heartfelt wishes for a better 2018, from where I sit.

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