Editorial—Christmas Wrapping Up

This is it then, the final issue of The Voice Magazine for 2017.  I hope you’ve had a good year, it’s certainly been an eventful one for us, what with our snazzy new website and a whole host of new student readers and writers.

We’ve also had some great articles this year. I’ve already got a few votes for what people think should be in our best-of issue, and it looks like it’s going to deserve the name.  But it’s still not too late to get your vote in. If you think there’s a story that we covered that is worthy of a bit more attention, especially since our new readers joined up, by all means mail me your choices at karl@voicemagazine.org.

We leave this year with a pretty good issue, starting off with our feature article, a Minds We Meet interview with student, AUSU Councillor, and winner of the Future Alumni Award, Robin Bleich.  It’s just the kind of inspirational story that strikes the right chord for Christmas.

We also take a look at what happens at one of the AUSU meetups. For the past several months these have been happening in various cities, and our own Barbara Lehtiniemi made her way down to one to give us some idea of what you’ve been missing if you haven’t gone to one already.

Plus, we have a look at something that a lot of AU students deal with, having Christmas on your own. Tara Panrucker gives us some ideas on why it might be something you want to do even if you don’t have to, in her article “A Holiday for One.”  It’s a bit of a different take on the holiday season, but certainly doesn’t sound unappealing.

And while AU and AUSU may be closed for the next week, that doesn’t mean that a lot of students aren’t going to try to make some extra time to catch up on their studies.  Marie Well is here to give some advice on ways to keep motivated and moving toward that goal.

We also close out the year with a look at Math 315, a look toward the future with Hazel Anaka’s “From Where I Sit”, and, if the obligations of the season just have you too stressed and you find yourself thinking A Christmas Carol had a sad ending, check out our latest Dear Barb for some coping strategies that might be just what the doctor ordered.

And just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean everything has stopped.  So we’ve got some events that are upcoming early in January (because, let’s be honest, you’re already too busy for anything until then anyway, right?) news, reviews, interviews, scholarship info, and even a little bit of philosophy to keep your brain active in the fog of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, as the Fly on the Wall looks at nothing less than the nature of truth.

So, until next year then, here’s wishing everybody a happy holiday season and that you, of course, enjoy the read!