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Amanda scrambles for options to re-write two missed exams before the December 31 course end date; looks like ProctorU will be her best bet.  New student Shoshana seeks and receives tips for tackling MATH 215.  Chanelle is looking for a study partner for SOCI 231, Sociology of Religion.

Other posts include AU holiday closures, and courses MATH 376 and MUSI 267.


User Renegade_August thought it would be easier to ask on Reddit whether student cards are available to all AU students than searching for “student cards” on AU’s website.  In a separate post, user awesum_ seeks recommendations for finance courses.


@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets:  “AUSU is now accepting applications for the Chief Returning Officer for AUSU’s upcoming 2018 general election.  Deadline to apply: Jan 1.”

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “New year, new you! Bookmark our upcoming graduate & undergraduate info session to learn more about furthering your education: .”

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