Editorial—It says “Best of” on the Cover for a Reason

Editorial—It says “Best of” on the Cover for a Reason

It was a good year for The Voice Magazine.  Not only did we get a brand new website that helps you find good things to read rather than fighting you every step of the way. We also gained a bunch of new writers near the end of the year, and kept most of the ones we started with as well.  Plus, I personally received the honour of being given the Editor of the Year award by the Professional Writer’s Assocation of Canada.   That the Voice Writer’s felt strong enough to nominate me, and were able to craft the words that brought The Voice Magazine the win (even without my editing, I should add) is, I think, a solid testament to the kind of people trying to create a great read for you every week.

With that in mind, we bring you The Best of The Voice Magazine for 2017, where I and a number of students (and others) have found articles they think exemplify the best of what The Voice Magazine is about .

These probably weren’t the only picks that deserved to be in here, but I’ve already added a little bit of commentary after each article, letting you know why it was picked specifically.

So, without further ado, I bring you The Best of the Voice 2017.

You’ll enjoy the read.

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