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Student Lifeline

We get it. Life can be difficult. Balancing school, work, health, family, and life can be overwhelming. But there is help!

All AUSU members have free access to the Student Lifeline Health and Wellness program.

Student LifeLine includes:

  • confidential consultations (by phone, online, and by mobile app, 24/7).
  • crisis management (for members in distress).
  • counselling (in-person, by video, or by phone with 3000+ counsellors across Canada. Short term model with up to 3 sessions where clinically appropriate).
  • community research (housing, child care, elder care, health care, and more)
  • hundreds of online resources (information and educational materials such as articles, booklets, & CDs).
  • online tools (such as self-assessments, toolkits, blogs, and more).


1-877-418-1537 (tty/ttd 1-877-371-9978)




Run for AUSU Council!

Only a few days left to submit your nomination to run for AUSU Council! The deadline is February 7!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get involved with your AU Students’ Union, get a chance to advocate and represent your fellow students, and gain some great experience!

How to Nominate yourself?

1.       Download the Nomination Package Here.

2.       Complete Nomination Form in full and email to the Chief Returning Officer at

3.       Deadline to Submit Nomination: Feb 7 at midnight MT.


Email the Chief Returning officer, Jacqueline Keena, at

Alternatively, join our election forum here and post your questions online!

Find out more about the 2018 AUSU General Election on our website here.