Canadian Education News

Canadian Investment in the Global Partnership for Education

The PIE News said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an announcement about the increase in commitment for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

As part of what his office called the “Feminist International Assistance Policy,” Trudeau made a pledge during the World Economic Forum to increase Canada’s commitment to 180 million dollars between 2018 and 2020.cement was made at the

“The $180 million pledge follows Canadian investments of $57.6 million between 2011-2014, and $120 million for the 2015-2018 period,” PIE News reports.  GPE intends to raise US$3.1 billion from 2018-2020.  The money would support up to 89 developing countries.

These will improve the access and quality to education for 870 million children and youth.  Based in the pledges proclaimed for the 2018-2020 period, there will be an additional help to 19 million children for the completion of primary school.

10,000 PhD Project to See Results of Graduate Education

University Affairs noted that the understanding of where PhDs earners end up is an important question deserving of an answer.  The University of Toronto looked into the situation with research on about 10,000 students from the University of Toronto who earned PhDs.

The intention was to discover what happened to the PhD graduates in their careers post-doctoral graduation.  The data was used from the school of graduate studies at the University of Toronto.  The initiative is called the 10,000 PhDs Project.

Importantly, only 60% of the doctoral graduates from the University of Toronto work in higher education: “teaching-stream faculty, full-time and part-time lecturers, adjunct professors, research associates, postdoctoral fellows and university administrators.  Less than one-third have tenure-track positions.”

The University of Toronto Professor of Biochemistry Reinhart Reithmeier led the project and said, “It blew me away.  They are doing amazing things [with their PhDs]…The issue was that I, as chair, didn’t know about that and most faculty members, except anecdotally, didn’t know.  Most importantly, our students didn’t know about it.”

PEI Does the Best at Early Childhood Education

CBC News: PEI reports that Prince Edward Island is doing the best in terms of education for early childhood education according to the Atkinson Centre.  Kerry McCuaig, Fellow in Early Childhood Policy at the University of Toronto explained how good governance and professional recognition for childhood educators were areas where PEI is doing well.

The Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture, Jordan Brown said more money will be put forward for the early childhood education in PEI in 2018, as the year develops.  Brown said, “One of the things you do very well and you’re one of the few provinces to do it is that in early years centres, P.E.I.  provides equity of access for children with special needs.”

McCuaig stated that the though early childhood education services have a long way to go; the comparison with Europe shows that the Canadian system, even the PEI one, “would still be very far behind.”