The Fit Student—Jittery Paws & Black-Stained Jaws

Imagine life as a coffee addict dentist: jittery paws and black-stained jaws.  Or a stressed-out surgeon who sips coffee to unwind.  Slicing skin during anxiety attacks.

In my younger days, I’d drink nonstop pots of coffee.  I spent more on caffeine than on my education.  And due to coffee-rushes, I’d lie awake bedtimes, fretting.

But later, caffeine spurred panic attacks—not just in me, but in a friendly female barista.  One cup of coffee, her hands trembled; three cups, she’d slap faces.

Not only does caffeine cause jitters and stress, it darkens teeth.  When I tried whitening toothpaste, my mouth shone.  That is, until my next sip.

But then, I met a cashier with a snowy smile.  “How did you get those teeth?” I asked.  “I don’t drink coffee,” she said.  Inspired, I quit both caffeine and decaf.  Within three days, my teeth twinkled.  Within a week, I felt calmer than the Dalia Lama’s tenth hour of meditation.  I felt so calm I lacked oomph—no life for chatting, only life for napping.

So, I surrendered. In one guilty sitting, I swigged green tea nonstop.

My afterthoughts?  Would one more week of withdrawal have reaped rewards?  I then read that withdrawal can last a month.  I also meditated on Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s words: “I deal with the stress in my life without caffeine …” (Change Your Brain Change Your Body, p. 129).

Inspired, today I guzzled my last green tea.

Daniel G. Amen, MD shows how caffeine harms in his book Change Your Brain Change Your Body.

  • Why stop coffee? “Caffeine restricts blood flow to the brain, and anything that compromises blood flow leads to premature aging” (p. 99).
  • Coffee also makes you dumber: “Caffeine dehydrates the brain … which makes it harder to think quickly” (p. 99).
  • Coffee can sicken you: “Caffeine can cause an upset stomach” (p. 99).
  • And cause disease: “Caffeine can elevate inflammatory markers. Two studies showed that … two cups of coffee … raised homocysteine levels, a marker for inflammation and heart disease” (p. 99).
  • So, what’s safe coffee intake? “If your caffeine intake is limited to one or two cups of coffee or two to three cups of tea a day, it probably is not a problem. But any more than that can cause problems” (p. 99).
  • Ditch coffee, drink green tea instead: “L-theanine, one of the components of green tea, has also been shown to boost GABA, while at the same time helping with concentrating and mental alertness” (p. 50).
  • But if you suffer anxiety, quit caffeine, even green tea and decaf.

So, stop jittery paws and black-stained jaws by cutting out caffeine.  Also, pull with coconut oil.  What’s pull?  Swishing coconut oil in your mouth for thirty minutes.  Whitens teeth. Fights tooth decay. Heals gums.

As a final tip, if shaky hands and stress keep you from med school, switch black brew for B-vitamins.

Health advice given here is a summation of various books and are the opinions of the authors. You should always consult your local medical practitioner before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle.
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