17 Questions to Ask your Tutor

There’s no doubt about it, educational expenses are high and you want to get the most for your dollars.  Achieving success in your education involves not only putting effort into studying and reading, but also demanding valuable guidance from your tutor.  Therefore, you must be comfortable reaching out to your tutor on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, many students are uncomfortable asking for help, and.  sometimes the introverts among us do not know how to ask the right questions.  Here is a list of 17 questions to help you get the best assistance from your AU tutor.

  1. Ask what time your new tutor is available for questions in the week ahead; if you have a scheduled appointment, chances are you will keep it.  Then, you may introduce yourself and form a working relationship.
  2. If you can’t make it, phone to ask to reschedule a phone call.  This is common courtesy so you don’t waste your tutor’s time.
  3. What is his or her educational background and how long have they been tutoring for?
  4. Admit it if you don’t understand a specific topic; ask your tutor to go over it in more detail or for further suggested reading on the subject.
  5. Ask your tutor what his or her main focus is on marking your assignments.  Many tutors have differing philosophies and it’s good to know what your tutor finds important before submitting work.
  6. If your tutor has taken marks off for something on your assignment that you’re sure you’ve done correctly, or made a comment you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to discuss it with them.  This will help you avoid making the same mistakes on future papers.  Further, asking for the mark back is okay if the tutor has mistaken your meaning or intention; it happens.
  7. Ask if the tutor can check a paragraph prior to submitting an assignment if you’re not sure it’s quite right.  The tutor can pinpoint areas you may need to work on.
  8. If you’ve read a chapter over a few times and it is still clear as mud, ask your tutor for further clarification.
  9. Admit it if you don’t know where to begin a new assignment.  Ask for suggestions.
  10. Ask for tips in note-taking.  You may find a new or improved way to help you absorb your course material.
  11. Ask where to purchase second hand books.
  12. If you are a visual learner, ask if there are video tutorials available.
  13. Ask for additional reading applicable for your course or assignment.
  14. Many people benefit from the attention of a mentor.  Ask if your tutor provides mentorship or can recommend someone who mentors through the university.
  15. Ask if your tutor can provide a letter of reference upon course completion.  This can be helpful if you are heading to another university.
  16. If you’re having personal problems that are interfering with your study, ask your tutor for guidance or help.  That’s what they’re there for.
  17. If you don’t understand one of the exam questions, ask if the tutor can explain it in a different way.

Moreover, never apologize for asking your tutor a question or for more guidance.  Your tutor is there to help you do your best in school.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and develop a positive working relationship as soon as you start a new course.

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to ask for a different tutor if you’re not receiving the assistance you need.  Also remember to thank your tutor.  Appreciation and gratitude go a long way in compelling your tutor to help you thrive in your studies.

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