Minds We Meet—Caribbean Bound

Cpl. Lisa Grandmaison balances working full time as a File Manager/Recruiting staff for the 36 Canadian Brigade Army Reserve Recruiting unit in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with studying toward her Bachelor of Business Management at AU and taking care of her one year old daughter Sophie.  Originally hailing from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, a beautiful area that boasts the highest tides in the world, she now touts that one should visit Halifax, rich in military history.  While in Nova Scotia’s capital, she suggests you visit the Halifax Citadel museum with the best view of the city, dine at some of the local seafood restaurants on the waterfront, and enjoy walks through Point Pleasant Park.

What are your plans with your education from AU?

My intention is to use my education to further my career in the Canadian Armed Forces by transferring from the Reserve Forces (Part-time) to becoming an officer within the Regular Forces (Full-time).  Ideally, I would like to take the skills and knowledge base I’ve acquired at AU and apply it to my career with CAF to become a better leader and officer.

What has been your favorite class so far that you would recommend to other students?

Any of my marketing courses as they have allowed me to take the knowledge from those courses to help with my career in the Army Reserve Recruiting world.

What are your 2018 academic goals?

I would like to get to the point of being almost ready to graduate.  My intention is to complete as many courses as I can to advance myself career-wise.

What is one thing new you want to try in 2018?

I’m looking at getting into competitive powerlifting as weightlifting is a passion of mine.  Besides that, I want to complete my second half marathon and hopefully with a better time this time around!

You are having a dinner party and get to invite 3 famous people to sit with.  What is the topic of conversation?

I would invite General Jonathan Vance, LtGen (Ret’d) Romeo Dallaire, and Former PM John Diefenbaker.  I think it would be interesting to talk about the progress of Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as well as find out what they think needs to change and how they would do it.  These three men made significant differences to Canada in various aspects, so it would be interesting to speak with each of them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Professionally, I hope to have become an Aerospace Control Officer and have done a tour of duty somewhere.  Personally, I want to have graduated from AU and potentially buy some more property, possibly in the Caribbean.  My husband and I are a team, so where ever we go, it will be together.

What was your favorite school assigned book in junior high or high school?

Animal Farm by George Orwell.  This book impacted my life and opened my train of thought to realize that not everything goes the way it should and “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.” It was an interesting book to read with the subliminal Marxist ideas and truly makes you think about society as a whole and how it operates.

What show do you recommend every one binge watch right now?

Black Mirror is my guilty pleasure right now.  My husband introduced me to it and I’m fascinated with how every episode is different and how they demonstrate the effects of advanced technologies on society.

When you are not studying, what does your day look like?

I work full time as a File Manager/Recruiting staff for the 36 Canadian Brigade Army Reserve Recruiting unit.  It’s a rewarding job that is constantly changing which keeps me busy during the week.  Besides working, I go to the gym regularly and am training for a half marathon in the Fall.  I also like to go for drives with my family and take walks on the trail with my daughter.

What inspired or motivated you to join the Armed Forces?

Originally, I was interested because my best friend was in and told me about how it would help pay for school, as the reserves will give up to $2000 a year for school, plus your normal pay while working.  It was a huge incentive to me since I was in grade 12 at the time and scared about joining.  Now that I’m in, I can honestly say that I love my job, I’m infantry by trade and currently working in recruiting.  Being part of the army has been the most challenging and rewarding thing for me both physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I’ve learned so much about myself from all the training that I can honestly say it was the best decision that “young me” made.

What does the perfect Sunday morning look like for you?

Wake up before my daughter, which doesn’t happen often, and go for a quick run while the world is still quiet.  From there, my husband and I like to get a coffee and take my daughter to the Seaport Market.  We normally spend some time making up the food we got from the market.

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