Letters to the Editor

Hi there,

This evening I read an article about a women in politics meeting attended by the writer, Jaclyn van Beek. This article bothered me because it kind of came off as a contemptuous one-sided attack.

The implication was made that these issues are multifaceted, but also that the author’s views are the right ones. The snide tone implies that if the reader disagrees with the author then the reader is incapable of understanding these issues. Or, more bluntly, implies the reader is stupid.

I’m new to reading university newspapers/magazines, but I guess I expected more. More thoughtful, more substantial, and more inclusive.

What I’m getting at is, I thought the articles written by this person came off as vapid and derogatory and as an early reader I was put off by it. There should be some element to an article beyond someone’s opinion and I didn’t see that here.

On the upside, it looks like the newspaper is always looking for new contributors.



Hi Sara, while I agree that Jaclyn’s articles certainly have a strong viewpoint and can be an uncomfortable read for someone with the opposing view (myself included), I disagree with your assessments of the tone, implication, or that the articles were vapid or derogatory. Challenging? Absolutely. But that’s a different thing.
As a magazine “by AU students” however, inclusive, to me, means including even the opinions we don’t agree with.  That said, I would love to receive an article from someone with a point of view opposing Jaclyn’s, as I think (and you demonstrate) AU students come from all sides of the political spectrum.  -Ed.