Vintage Voice

Unearthing classic articles from previous issues of The Voice Magazine.

On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, we glace back at a pair of Ireland-themed articles.

Touring troubled Belfast.  Writer John Buhler recounts his stay in Belfast, Ireland, still edgy from The Troubles.  “It was startling for me to discover…that many of the men around the pub were convicted terrorists.”  Travel Photo Feature—Belfast’s Gritty Side, March 3, 2004.

Ireland at the movies.  Christina M. Frey highlights some classic Ireland-inspired films, along with fascinating trivia.  “In the original theatre release [of The Luck of the Irish], the scenes that take place in Ireland were filmed with a green filter in order to tint them a more ‘Irish’ colour.”  Saturday Night at the (Old) Movies—The Wearing of the Green, March 12, 2010.