Fifteen Easy Steps to Organization

When life gets busy, life becomes messy.  Small items start to go missing and time is wasted searching for keys, phone chargers, and clothes.  While organizing your living space may seem like a chore, doing so can bring about a great sense of peace and a surge of new creative energy.  Time is also no longer wasted searching for things.  Home clutter can also reflect mental clutter; therefore, an organized home reflects a sense of control and serenity.  To help get you started, choose any of these easy steps to break down what may seem like an overwhelming task.

  1. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the organizing you have ahead of you, break it down and do only one closet or drawer at a time. Before you know it, you’ll have covered every spot in your room or home.
  2. Start small. Empty your email boxes and delete old archived information no longer valid to your life.  Delete old files you know you will never need again.  Clearing up cyber-space can be hugely gratifying, particularly trashing those old messages from your ex.
  3. Clear off your office desk, wipe it down with a wet cloth, and re-stock shelves and drawers with fresh paper, note pads and pens. Don’t forget to wipe down your computer and other electronics with a cotton ball dabbed with hydrogen peroxide.  Be careful not to soak it so it doesn’t run into your computer; you just want enough to de-germ your keyboard.  Use decorative baskets or boxes to contain files, books, and art supplies.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.
  4. Make three piles of clothes from your closets. One pile to keep, one pile to donate to charity, and one pile to toss.  You can colour code your clothes when you rehang them, or sort by tops and bottoms.  Take the donation bag to drop off at a thrift shop.  Throw away or recycle torn or worn clothing into something new.
  5. Place lint rollers in drawers throughout your home, and keep one in your vehicle so you don’t waste time hunting them down. Pet owners will particularly appreciate the efficiency of this step.
  6. Take all the leftover cereals, nuts, raisins, and chocolate chips in your kitchen and make a new container of trail mix for quick and healthy snacks.
  7. Detox your refrigerator – throw out all expired condiments and dressings. Remove and scrub shelves and drawers with hot soapy water in the sink and dry.  Clear space for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  8. Soak the bathtub and shower with a good antibacterial spray or homemade vinegar solution. Let sit for ten-twenty minutes before using a magic eraser to scrub all the crud and rinse it down the drain (make sure not to use the eraser on metal fixtures—only use a soft cloth).  Do the same with the sink and toilet.  Look how shiny everything is now!
  9. Re-stack and organize Tupperware containers and lids in cupboards for easy access and storage. No more searching in frustration for matching lids.
  10. Donate utensils and items in your kitchen and closets you haven’t used in over a year to charity.
  11. Drive through the carwash and wipe down the interior of your vehicle. Wipe off the dusty interior windows for a clear new perspective.  Add an air freshener or cotton ball soaked with essential oils for a pleasant smelling interior.
  12. Clear out old liquor bottles and medicines from your cupboards. If there is a 2010 liqueur still standing patiently on a shelf, perhaps it’s time to bid it goodbye.  Same goes for expired medicines as they lose effectiveness over time.
  13. Enlist each family member or roommate to speed-clean one drawer or shelf. Empty contents and dump the junk.  Use small baskets, boxes, or plastic containers to keep small items organized.  Place a box for charity and a box for garbage out and time everyone.  First one finished gets to choose take-out! You may find enough change to pay for dinner.
  14. Move the furniture and vacuum, dust, and wash underneath. It doesn’t take long for the dust bunnies to build up, along with other things that mysteriously disappear.  Your lungs will thank you for the cleaner air.
  15. Recycle old magazines, newspapers, files you no longer use, and old clippings or recipe books. Now that you can basically search for anything on the internet there is truly no point in letting paper clutter pile up all over the house.


Now that you’ve organized your living space, you also won’t be wasting time searching for missing items.  Use baskets, decorative boxes, and storage cubes for tidying frees up your living space.  Now you can easily focus on what’s important and start accomplishing more important goals.  Organizational serenity now!

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