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Alisha of Calgary wonders if she can use ProctorU or if she must go to the exam centre; the good news is she has choice.  Bill Angela questions whether a supplementary exam will be the same or different than the original and is relieved to learn it will be different.  Gwenyth seeks feedback on how long refunds usually take after dropping a course early; put the kettle on, Gwenyth, you’ve got 4 to 6 weeks of waiting ahead of you!

Other posts include the cost of textbooks, challenging a course for credit, APA formatting, and courses BIOL 204, SOCI 332, and WGST 303.


@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets:  “Congratulations to the new AUSU President Brandon Simmons, VPEX Melinda Goertz, and VPFA Natasha Donahue! They take office on April 10.  More details on your new executive to come!”

@AU_Press tweets:  “Your personal data is being collected every moment of your day (hi, Facebook!).  “Transparent Lives” shows how surveillance is expanding and investigates the way governments and the private sector gather, monitor, analyze and share your information. .”


AU President Neil Fassina presents highlights of the March 23 BoG meeting in Board of Governors Meeting:  Outcomes, posted by Athabasca University.