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Proposed Membership Fee Increase

to $3.75 per credit

AUSU council will be voting on the first reading of a proposed student fee increase during the April 10, 2018 council meeting. Council understands that any increase in fees is of concern to students, and takes any fee increase very seriously. However, council also recognizes the value of continuing to make improvement to the organization to bring quality services and resources to the membership.

The fee increase proposal will be voted on by special resolution in accordance with AUSU Bylaws. The motion that will be voted on will be as follows:

BIRT AUSU council approve a membership fee increase in the amount of $0.75 per credit to take effect on October 1, 2018.

A great deal of consideration and research has been put into the potential fee increase. Although AUSU always has and will continue to advocate for the lowest possible fees for post-secondary students, there are important reasons why a student union fee increase is being considered at this time.

Find out more on our website here, including: 

  • Improvements AUSU has made over the past 2 years
  • Opportunities for membership feedback
  • The dates of the first and second reading of the proposed change
AUSU currently has the lowest student union fees in the province of Alberta at only $3.00 per credit. Other student unions charge up to $90 per credit, with a provincial average of $7.89 to $27.42 per credit*. Even with the proposed fee increase, AUSU fees will be among the lowest in the province, despite also being the largest student union in the province.

*Based on 2016/2017 University calendar fee listings. Variance based on full course load vs. part time studies and in some cases on program.