Vintage Voice

With Friday the 13th marking the beginning of two-wheeling season, we polished up a pair of motorcycle articles.

Rebel on two wheels.  In this short story, a runner-up in The Voice’s 2005 writing contest, Wanda Bakker plots the rise and fall of Aunt Barb’s coolness.  “She had a way of pushing the rules without ever actually breaking them. Like the time she wore her motorcycle helmet to church.”  Fiction Feature – The Motorcycle, December 2, 2005.

Taking Hazel for a Ride.  Columnist Hazel Anaka’s plans to obtain her motorcycle license threaten to unravel over the course of one weekend’s training.   “It didn’t at all help that our chief instructor was some sort of power-tripping, paramilitary, hard ass, tough love, I’m gonna whip these recruits into shape, know-it-all arrogant jerk.”  From Where I Sit – The Open Road, May 9, 2008.