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Stress Awareness

Going through a stressful time? You’re not alone. Three-quarters of adults experience stress in their daily lives, recent studies have shown. Major stressors include money, work, and personal health concerns. Trying to balance your studies with work, relationships, and a social life – all while trying to set yourself up for future success – can be tough.

Student LifeLine is there to help you identify your sources of stress and find effective ways to manage them.

Check out the Stress Awareness feature on their homepage (Username: AUSU, password: wellness), where you’ll find a variety of resources to help you lead a happier and less stressed life, including a brand-new Stress Management Toolkit.

You7 can also contact Student LifeLine any time, 24/7 at 1-800-567-2255 (TTY:1-877-371-9978) to speak to a caring, professional consultant for free expert advice or help!

This is a FREE service for all AUSU members!  

Student Lifeline provides help and support 24/7 for any issues, from health, wellness, work, life, money, school, community referrals, and more!

Want to Know More About Your new AUSU Executives?

The new team officially took office on April 10, 2018! Click the links below to check out their biographies!

AUSU President: Brandon Simmons
VP External and Student Affairs: 
Melinda Goertz
VP Finance and Administration: 
Natasha Donahue

Free Account

Did you know that AUSU provides free subscriptions to for all members? is the world’s premier video training site with thousands of training videos! In March alone, AUSU members watched over 2,700 videos.

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