The Not-So Starving Student

Food Gadgets Part 2: A Fresh Look at Cooking

As an AU student, you might be tasked with having to feed, not just yourself, but family and perhaps roommates as well.  Preparing meals day in and day out, you might become fatigued at brainstorming new inspirations for recipes and, of course, having to bring those ideas to life.  We call this the chef’s block (similar to writer’s block but this time, you’re literally starved of daily sustenance).  Once in a while, to overcome our boredom for preparing the same three meals in a day, we can indulge ourselves by experimenting with new kitchen tools.  The more tools you have in your toolbox the more fascinating cooking can become.  Some other ideas can be found in my first article on this subject.

For example, my recent exploration of pasta makers has changed my cooking routine drastically.  This shows how the taste, texture and even experience can change significantly from one cooking method to the next.

Pressure Cookers

A pressure cookers is a gem that more experienced chefs may find exciting to use.  Particularly if you’re a fan of fall-off-the-bone tender protein, this tool will accomplish the job.  Whether it’s chilli or chicken noodle soup, a pressure cooker will bring your cooking to the next level.

Bamboo Steamer

If you don’t already have a steamer, it is one of the most versatile and essential cooking gadgets for any kitchen.  Better yet, a bamboo steamer helps contain nutrients better than a plastic or metal steamer.  The natural build of the steamer also helps absorb some of the moisture rather than letting it re-condense and drip back into the food.

Yogurt Maker

We all know that yogurts are an excellent source of probiotics in our diet and have many lasting benefits that aid with nutrient digestion and absorption.  Now you can produce and customize your own yogurt without wondering which artificial ingredients are in the formulation.

Dough Mixers

This gadget has been on the market for years and is nothing new, but certainly helps reduce the labor-intensive kneading that come with dough-based recipes.  The machine helps knead the dough for recipes like pancakes, crepes, burrito bread, roti and more.

Meat Slicers

I at first found it absurd that a machine was required to slice our meats until I began re-creating Asian hot pots in my own living room.  The paper-thin slices of lamb or beef comes in handy for seasoned hot-potters, beef carpaccio lovers, and anybody composing their own charcuterie board.

Ice Cream Maker

If you’re looking for inspiration after your dinner, there’s professional ice cream makers that allow you to customize your own ice cream flavors.  The best part about DIY ice cream besides knowing the blend of ingredients? You will never have to settle for freezer-burned ice cream again.

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