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Jennifer expresses frustration with AU’s recent technical woes; response thread indicates AU is accommodating those negatively affected.  Emilia seeks feedback on HIST 365 and 460.  Tuyen relates how power outages and ProctorU (don’t) work; responses indicate AU displays understanding in these situations.

Other posts include study tips, timeline for final grades, and courses CHEM 217, INST 301, and WGST 333.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “#AthabascaU is committed to removing barriers to education but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas.  Learners affected by any of the devastating floods occurring across Canada: we recognize you may need to put studies on hold to deal with emergencies”

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “Looking for ways to finance your education? According to @CBC, millions of scholarships go unclaimed.  Check our website to see if you qualify for any!”