Minds We Meet—Emmanauel Barker

Emmanauel Barker is the Governance and Advocacy Coordinator for the Athabasca University Students’ Union.  Here we get to know one of the newest members of the AUSU staff.

What brought you to AU?

I initially heard of Athabasca University from a close friend who works at another Albertan institution, and I was immediately interested in the unique community.  I became familiar with the AU Students’ Union shortly afterword, and I am glad did.

What is the last book you read?

The last book I read is called American Dreamer: A Life of Henry A.  Wallace.

What show do you think everyone should binge watch?

I happily recommend Brooklyn 99 to anyone looking for a week well spent.

Why did you choose to apply for the Governance and Advocacy Coordinator position of AUSU?

I chose to apply for this position at AUSU because I was already familiar with the student union environment, but also because I saw how unique the organization is.  I knew I wanted to use my experience, but at the same time I wanted to learn and develop professionally.  It was a natural choice.

What tasks and responsibilities come with the position?

My foundational responsibilities are to organize and support the governance processes at AUSU, and to support the provincial and federal advocacy initiatives of our executive councillors and the organizations that they are members of.  Practically, my daily tasks are typically creating agendas, transcribing meeting minutes, and acting as a parliamentarian for AUSU council and committee meetings.

If you could have a meal with someone from history, who would it be?

Right now, it’s Henry Wallace.  I just finished his biography and I am still fascinated.

What is the wisest advice you have ever been given?

“An argument is about what’s right, not who’s right.”

What is one thing you would like to complete personally in 2018?

It is my intention to spend more time outside, fishing and with my dog.  And to beat my personal best fishing record.

Since being selected for the Governance and Advocacy Coordinator position, what are your hopes for the 2018-2020 period?

I hope to work with our new councillors throughout the upcoming term, accomplishing the organization’s long-term advocacy goals and giving our AUSU members and student leaders an experience that they are proud of!


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