Mood Music

Many years ago, I awakened to my alarm playing a sad song on the radio, unkindly reminding me of a certain ex-boyfriend.  At the time, the gloom that came over me was a forecast for the rest of the day—last-minute cancellations, spilled coffee, and more bad memories of the ex.  It got me thinking about the powerful effects of sound on our mood, so why not use it to our advantage?

I began tuning out sad songs and tuning in to uplifting tunes.  I saved my preferred inspirational songs for easy access so I could begin each day going forward on the right note.  When I listen to a song that makes me smile, sing in the shower, or dance in the kitchen, the remainder of the day goes more serendipitously.  A wonderful flow of energy accompanies a lively stream of music, generating further feel good vibes.

According to the article “The Scientific Benefits of Music” by Danielle M.  Baker, at, there are five major benefits to listening to music, including the fact that it improves memory.  Studies have shown that patients suffering memory loss can remember song lyrics.  For anyone studying for exams, this alone is a good reason to turn on the tunes.  And everyone knows listening to music helps to amp up the intensity of a good workout; otherwise, why would gym-goers have headphones on?

Music preference is also very personal.  Lyrics and beats that speak to your unique inner pulse can raise your energy levels.  My musical choices range from Latin for unwinding and cooking; classical for studying, rap and pop for running, and new age sounds for meditation.  Sometimes the meditation turns into a fabulous nap, and that feels good too.

Some ‘Feel Good’ tunes to add to your playlist are new discoveries; some are old classics that never go out of style:

  • “I Got A Feeling,” The Black Eyed Peas
  • “Beautiful Day,” U2
  • “Happy,” Pharrell Williams
  • “Tub Thumping,” Chumbawumba
  • “We Are The Champions,” Queen
  • “I Will Survive,” Gloria Gaynor
  • “Break My Stride,” Matthew Wilder
  • “Life’s What You Make It,” Talk Talk
  • “Hey Beautiful Day,” Bedouin Soundclash
  • “Walking On Sunshine,” Katrina and the Waves
  • “Lust For Life,” Iggy Pop
  • “Don’t Worry Be Happy,”Bobby McFerrin
  • “Celebration,” Kool and The Gang
  • “All I Wanna Do,” Sheryl Crow
  • “Lovely Day,” Bill Withers
  • “Footloose,” Kenny Loggins
  • “Song 2,” Blur
  • “Feel Good Inc.,” Gorillaz
  • “Get Up Stand Up,” Bob Marley
  • “What A Wonderful World,” Louis Armstrong
  • “Float On,” Modest Mouse
  • “Good Vibrations,” Beach Boys
  • “Beautiful Sunday,” Daniel Boone
  • “Feels So Good,” Jody Reynolds

Take a break from miserable, tormented songs and plug into upbeat, empowered tunes.  Discover songs that sing to your soul on YouTube, iTunes, or in any music store.  You’ll be sidewalk dancing your way to good vibrations (and maybe a few new friends) in no time.  And if you want to know the ideal music to help you ace your exams, read “Classical music and studying: The top 10 pieces to listen to for exam success” at  On that note, let the rhythm move you in the right direction.

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