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Danielle wonders if there is a limit to the number of credits students can transfer to their AU degree program; short answer is most programs specify a minimum number of credits to be taken at AU.  Alice encounters some ambiguous wording in a computer science quiz and wonders if other students found it intentionally tricky; most respondents say no.   Jeffi seeks confirmation that students can access AU library materials beyond the end date of their course; still waiting for a final word on that.

Other posts include Twibbons, math help, inspiration, and courses CMNS 401 and MATH 376.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “If you are having difficulties with your individualized study course content, procedures, or assignments, contact your tutor. Your tutor’s contact information is found in your course tutor letter, found under ‘My Letters’ in myAU.  #AskAU.”

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “Do you know someone who works in non-profit and wants to complete an MBA? We have an incredible scholarship opportunity worth $50,000 and are looking for a great recipient. Find out more here –> .”

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