Editorial—But Seriously

This week, we take a break from our interviews with the new AUSU Council members, and instead feature an interview with Dr. Chris Glover, a man with a serious position who doesn’t take himself all that seriously.  While he takes a mostly light-hearted approach to our interview, he does slip up here and there and you can see the type of thinking that gained him the Chair of Hydroecology and Environmental Health at the Athabasca River Basin Research Institute.

I particularly like his response to the non-AU book he’s reading, as, while it seems he’s blowing the question off, if you understand the book you realize it can be seen as an environmental allegory, especially when we get to the “blue goo”.  A deeper reading of this work also brings to light the perils of society’s need to constantly seek bigger, better, more, and of course ends with the exploration of what violence and war will do in our contained ecosphere.  Which means that his request to “not spoil the ending” is obviously him hinting at the ties between our current environmental situation and the upcoming policy and governmental decisions that must be made if the situation is to be put back “in the bottle” if you’ll excuse my own reference.

Or perhaps I’m reading too much into it. That’s what an English degree will do.

Also this week, Tara Panrucker looks at the flip side of her summer activity series, this time with choices for those of us who fear the sun and strive to maintain our pasty white complexions and geek cred.  Plus, Deanna Roney compares insanity and perseverance.  Who knows, maybe there’s a little bit of each in the other.

Of course, with the summer, it gets a bit harder to get content for The Voice Magazine, governments tend to go on holidays, meaning less education relation news, educational institutions including AU, tend to operate at a reduced capacity as people take advantage of holiday time to enjoy the warmer weather, and even students are often more busy outside of their studies, either working to try to save enough for their next set of courses, or just taking a well deserved break.

All of which means that this is a great time to consider submitting something to The Voice Magazine. We want to hear what students like you are thinking about.  What has your attention? Especially if it’s something related to AU, but even if it isn’t. We’re a magazine for and by AU students. What standard universities can do quite easily, form a gestalt of opinions and ideas of the entire community, is difficult for AU, and we need you to help out.

So if you have an idea, let me know at karl@voicemagazine.org.  Who knows, you could even earn yourself a bit of extra vacation money!

Enjoy the read!

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