Fun Out of the Sun

Summer is a wonderful time of year—long, sun-drenched days, iced drinks, and hanging out in the great outdoors.  From taking in a stunning view while quaffing craft beer and wine to enjoying an afternoon siesta in a hammock, life slows down and can feel pretty darn good.  The intensity of hitting the books may slow down as well, as the call of milder weather leads winter weary people outside.  Yet there exists a dark side of the summer season for the people out there who love winter (who are these people)? When the temperature creeps above the 30-degree mark, or when seasonal humidity physically weighs the body down, remaining comfortable in one’s own skin can turn into an ordeal.

Pity, also, the allergy sufferers during the summer months.  Temporarily losing one’s sense of smell can cause depression, not to mention insomnia, from stuffy sinuses and needing antihistamines.  Top it off with inhaling exhaust fumes while melting in tourist traffic and suffering through noisy neighbours partying up a storm.  Ultimately, enjoying summer seems unlikely.  Unless, that is, one escapes it altogether.  Nothing like a good distraction from oppressive summer heat to cool soaring tempers—I mean temperatures!

Indulging in a frozen popsicle or two watching a movie set in winter is a good way to cool down and forget the heat; better still with air conditioning.  An icy shower is also a healthy way to cool off.  Studies show it’s great for circulation and helps the body release toxins.  Obscure coffee shops also offer a peaceful, air-conditioned sanctuary to chill with an iced coffee and a good book.

Moreover, the sizzling summer season can be a great time to take art classes where before there never seemed time.  Or find refuge in a long gym workout—fitness facilities are typically quieter during the summer months.  For snowboard and ski enthusiasts, good deals abound on equipment for next season, available in airy sporting stores.

Still, if you can’t beat them, join them! You can become a tourist in your own city and visit a local herb farm, craft brewery, or roof top bistro.  Pretending to be a critic and writing about one’s experiences in a travel journal may even lead to a new career.  If a little adventure is in order, to get lethargic blood pumping, adrenaline seekers can book zip-lining tours, parasailing escapades (which often include refreshing dips in the lake), or rent a Sea-Doo and ride the waves.  Anything near water soothes a sweaty disposition.

Whatever you choose to do for the remainder of summer, whether escaping the heat or joining the tourists, maintain an open mind, sense of wonder, and play safe.  Stay hydrated with a water bottle filled with cool water no matter where you head.  Bring a friend along who persists in complaining it’s too hot while melting over his term paper.  Don’t worry—you’ll be shoveling snow, cramming for multiple exams, and scraping frost off your windows again in no time!