veins pulse and press, pulse and press
straining through translucent skin
forcing fevered blood
through thick throbbing limbs

aching and bloated
weighted by inertia into the yellowed futon
by a suppressive summer heat

moist and painful
air ceases to exist

through a haze of torpor, a dream
of an immense translucent
crisp cube of ice
the size of the clammy thick mattress
to lay lethargic limbs
sizzle and frizzle into
crackling blue ice sparks
shooting and streaming
high into the stagnant night air

charging and electrifying
evaporating this encumbered essence
erupting this form in jagged icicle flames
up and away

cooled, soothed, freed
ethereal as ocean spray
on a crystal wave
of relief
chilled not stirred

blinking a blurred frame

incessant heat waves
ripple and drip on the sill
smoky and dry
the scorched room

the floor dry ash.