The Fit Student—Ayurveda

Go from trauma to wisdom to dreams—with Ayurveda Medicine.  As a youth, I toughed out trauma.  I suffered anorexia, obesity, and anorexia again.  I dropped out of high school, shortly after stung with disability.  And then a second disability.

But I gained wisdom.

On my birthday, my boyfriend asked me to share my wisdom.  So, I offered my wisest birthday themes: self-control, positive energy, independence—and dreams.

First, as for self-control, I’ve learned I can’t change people, not how they act or what they say.  But I can change how I react and behave.  I let people be who they are, and I neutralize my reactions.  So, don’t worry about what you can’t change.

Second, I don’t get close to negative people.  Instead, I focus on healthy relationships.  All my life’s friends—combined—couldn’t comfort like my boyfriend’s smile.   And my female mentor acts like a doting, loving mother.  So, surround yourself with sweetness.

Third, I learned not to rely on others.  I once made contacts with hot shots in the film industry.  I then secured a scriptwriting role.  But the contacts came at a cost.  So, I walked away.  I instead bought books on filmmaking—vowing to produce my own film.  So, don’t depend on others.  If it matters, you’ll muster the skills!

Such wisdom can lessen suffering.  Ayurveda medicine, a holistic healing system that concentrates on diet, herbs, exercise, and lifestyle choices, offers more tips to ease distress, stress, and disease.  Ananta Ripa Ajmera gives insights into Ayurveda medicine in her book The Ayurveda Way: 108 Practices from the World’s Oldest Healing System for Better Sleep, Less Stress, Optimal Digestion and More:

  • The book’s author, Ananta, went through trauma: “I suffered from much pain and stress connected with traumatic childhood experiences …. Full of anxiety, fear, and worries ….  I had acne.  I struggled for years with eating disorders” (p.  viii).  But Ayurveda gave Ananta hope: “Ayurveda has given me a second chance at life … filling my heart with hope, light, and freedom where there was once despair, darkness, and a feeling of imprisonment” (p.  xii).
  • Ayurveda not only gives hope, it gives life: “Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of life from India … not only fights disease but also teaches people how to become—and remain—healthy” (p. ix).
  • So, what grounds Ayurveda? “We are all connected through the five great elements ( … space, air, fire, water, and earth)” (p. 6).
  • These five elements form Ayurveda’s doshas: “Many people know Ayurveda primarily by its three bioforces, or doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha …).
  • Vata dosha is linked to stress: “Air and space form vata dosha … When imbalanced, it manifests as anxiety, pain, emaciation, and more” (p. 8).
  • Pitta dosha is linked to inflammation: “Fire and water combine to create pitta dosha …. Imbalanced pitta creates burning sensations … including heartburn, hot flashes, and inflammation” (p.  8).
  • Kapha dosha is linked to diabetes: “Earth and water … make up kapha dosha …. Imbalanced kapha leads to 20 diseases, including obesity and diabetes” (p.  8).
  • The four seasons impact health, too: “Ayurveda’s seasonal diet and lifestyle recommendations give you tools and insights into how you can eat, drink, exercise, work, travel, and even procreate in optimal ways throughout the year” (p. 11).
  • For instance, “spring is the only season in which Ayurveda discourages having the sweet taste because of the large amount of kapha in the atmosphere …. Examples of sweet taste: many fresh fruits, ghee, milk, rice, wheat, cucumber, squash, pumpkin … dates, almonds, cashews, coconuts … fish, lamb, pork, beef, goat, meats, potatoes” (p.  207).
  • But Ayurveda offers more than diet tips: “Ayurveda … includes internal medicine, psychiatry, surgery, and toxicology” (p. 2).

Remember, sometimes a janitor can wind up CEO of a billion-dollar empire.  A delivery truck driver, the COO.

Such success leads to my final wisdom this birthday:  Don’t stop when struck with anxiety, depression, or disease.  Ayurveda can take you from trauma to wisdom to dreams.