Editorial—Surprisingly Good

A surprisingly good issue this week.  We start it off with our feature interview being a Meeting the Minds article interviewing Jim Sellers, the Project Manager for the Athabasca River Basin Institute.

Yes, I know.  The job title isn’t really one that makes you think, “This is going to be great interview for AU students!” but as it turns out, it really is, with information about some things our university is doing that you may not have known before, and a valuable link if you’re interested in getting more involved with the research end of things at AU (something that if you’re thinking of moving on to further education beyond your bachelor’s degree, you may want to look into).  Also of note is that Mr. Sellers was also an AU student, and has had a career in television and film industry.

Then we have an interview with one of the minds behind the musical group Jane in Space.  It’s an interview that I quite enjoyed reading, so be sure to check out this week’s “In Conversation”

Beyond that, I’m not sure why, but this week we’ve also developed a minor theme about being busy, or more specifically, why being not busy is perfectly valid and can help you with your studies.  Whether it’s Tara Panrucker’s article on visualization techniques that can help you slow down and get more done, The Fly on the Wall’s explanation of both the science and philosophy of why doing that can be beneficial, and Deanna Roney’s take on why it’s so hard for us to do in the first place.

Then, we round it out with a review of artist Bree Taylor’s latest single, a Course Exam of Comp 348, advice to improve both creativity, health, and your emotional well-being, and of course our smattering of scholarships, and AU related events and social media.  All in all, I think this week’s magazine is a pretty solid offering, and I’m happy to be presenting it.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already taken our 2018 Voice Reader’s survey, found at, appropriately enough https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VoiceMagazine2018, please take a couple minutes to do so.  Not only will you help me to make the Voice a better magazine, more suited to what you want to be reading, but you’ll enter yourself for a chance to win a Samsung tablet computer, plus some other goodies that we happen to have lying around.

Sometimes I get a student asking me why I always go with a Samsung tablet, why not an iPad or an Amazon thing.  It comes down to a few reasons. One is availability and price.  More importantly though, I know the Samsung tablets work with AUSU’s e-texts, and they also let you use micro memory cards so that if you’re like me and hoard every electronic document you find, you’ll have the room to do so.

At any rate, fill it out, tell us what you think of The Voice Magazine, and in the meantime, enjoy the read!

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