Editorial—The Bright Side of Lackluster

The Voice Reader Survey for 2018 will be closing soon, and, so far, response has been lackluster, to say the least.  Of course, it’s the middle of summer so that’s not that unexpected, but it was noted that my preferred time for the survey, mid-September to early October, was also about the time when AUSU would be surveying you about how they’re doing, what programs you tend to use, what you don’t and there were some concerns that we’d be creating survey fatigue.  I know whenever I see a Foresee window pop up these days, I immediately just curse at the site and close it.  We didn’t want the same thing happening for The Voice or AUSU.

Next time we’ll have to see about getting it out earlier in the year I’m thinking perhaps February would be a good choice. What do you think?

On the bright side, it does mean that your chances of winning the draw are excellent right now.  So if you’ve been looking at perhaps picking up a new tablet so you can do your courses on the go, or maybe just wanting to get some gift shopping done early, you might as well take a few minutes and fill out our survey.  Worst case scenario, you get nothing but a warm fuzzy feeling for helping out your fellow students, and a bucket-load of gratitude from me.  That’s not a bad exchange for a few minutes, right?

Meanwhile, in this week’s The Voice Magazine, our feature article is an interview with a councillor not from the AUSU, but rather from the Graduate Students Association.  AUGSA councillor Joshua Newman tells us a bit about himself and what brought him into AU student politics, and reminds us that even in the depths of summer, winter is coming.

We also have a great interview with Ruby Velle, from Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics.  This was an article I briefly considered splitting in two, because it’s a long read, but honestly, it all works so well together that I think splitting it would be doing it a disservice.

I also want to draw attention to the Career Paths article this week, as Marie Well talks to two financial planners to get a sense of what’s involved in that career.  Is it the one for you? This interview should give you some help deciding.  And if you do decide that’s the way you want to go, you’ll probably need to take various accounting courses, so our course exam takes a look at Accounting 245, a generalized beginning accounting course with a focus on not-for-profit organizations.

With that plus a new book review from John Buhler, a look at how failure might be just what you need, advice on how to save money on your electric bills and on your travel, not to mention just some general advice for relationships, and we’ve got a great magazine this week. But we haven’t even gotten into the scholarships, events, and everything else that usually makes up The Voice Magazine. It’s all here too.  And if you don’t like it, or maybe you want more of some parts of it, well then now we’re back to you filling out that survey.

So go. Do that.  Then enjoy the read!

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