Five Apps every Student Should Have

Both Android and I-OS systems

Compared to the average university student, AU students are busy bees that multi-task at every opportunity.  We have commitments beyond just school, sometimes including supporting families, working at part- or full-time jobs, running our own businesses, or developing a new hobby or skill.  With all these responsibilities in mind, reviewing for coursework might look a little different than the average student.  It might mean studying opportunistically on public transit or listening to lecture recordings in the car.  Having been a student for the past six years, I have a laundry list of technological aids that allow me to multi-task as a student regardless of where I am.  Specifically, mobile applications have changed the way I operate on a daily basis.  Since Fall semester is slowly creeping by, here some app essentials that every AU student should have:

#1 Quizlet or ANKI

Cost: free with option to upgrade to premium

For students who have used traditional flashcards, you will fall in love with online flashcards that can be created through Quizlet or ANKI.  The best part about these flashcards is that they will automatically sync to your mobile device as well.  Functionalities such as dictation of flashcards, interactive flashcard games and even scheduled learning sessions help you learn faster than ever before.

#2 HeadSpace

Cost: free with option to upgrade to premium

On a daily basis there’s a lot floating through my mind whether its planning the next scholarship to apply for or your next meal.  The amount of distractions in this world often makes it hard to wind down before bed or when our bodies need space to relax.  I use this meditation app to help me unwind when the to-do list clutters or work frustrations get in the way.  During the school year, the app can also be part of AU students’ strategy to destress the night before the exam.

#3 Google Calendar

Cost: free

From functionalities including reminders, organizing multiple calendars, and confirming attendance at meetings, Google Calendar is a staple that students need in their toolbox.  I use this app to separate my life calendar from my school calendar which helps me plan and execute tasks flawlessly.  And with its beautiful layout and phone-computer sync ability, you can access your calendar anywhere and anytime.

#4 Notability

Cost: $1.99

One of the app gems I found in my first year of post-secondary was this app that allowed me to take notes on my tablet computer, edit PDFs and even voice record segments of a lecture.  While a small cost is associated, for students using tablets this application is a godsend that improved my notetaking and made reading notes on public transport simpler.

#5 Habitica

Cost: free

Self-improvement is something heavily emphasized in post-secondary.  Whether its improving our academic achievements or managing our own lives, there’s always room to eliminate bad habits that lead us astray.  For myself, I like to use this app as a means of curbing dysfunctional habits such as video-gaming, going to bed too late or binge eating frozen yogurt.  The app allows us to monitor these activities in a refreshing way.  The RPG character from the app will gain new features every time a poor habit is avoided or a good habit is maintained.