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Chanelle seeks feedback on courses EDUC 201 and 301; so far they’re both getting good reviews.  Lauren seeks tips for ACCT 250; responses suggest she’s in for lots of reading and long quizzes.

Other posts include course videos, learning a second language, and AU’s MAIS program.


A flurry of posts touching on courses BIOL 235, MATH 309, and TAXX 301 (the latter course was recently featured in The Voice‘s Course Exam column.)


@AthabascaU tweets:  “#NowHiring a #Communications Officer, responsible for maintaining & updating news section of the website, media relations, online & print publications, conducting interviews, writing assignments, & copy editing  #yegjobs #yycjobs #yegcomms #yyccomms.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “It’s a Giveaway! Tweet @austudentsunion about how you are getting ready for the fall and fall classes to be entered to win great prizes like Amazon gift cards, swell water bottles, speakers and AUSU swag.  This giveaway closes Aug 31st so don’t wait!”

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