Fall has always been my favourite season, I do enjoy certain aspects of them all, but Fall has always been, and probably always will bel, on top.  It isn’t because I love the changing colours (though I do) but because of the feeling of progress and excitement that it instills in me.  The chilled morning air is invigorating.  The long hot summers are coming to an end and the cold long winter isn’t quite here yet.  Fall still has the warm days, still has the advantage of being able to explore without 10 layers of wool, and fewer bugs than mid-summer.  But, these are not the reasons that I love fall.

It started since I was a kid.  As far back as I can remember I always loved this season.  Of course, I was also the kid who loved to go back to school.  The summer break was always welcomed but by the time it was over I was ready to get back into a routine, get back to studying and pushing forward–I was excited to see what the next year would bring, and the year always feels like it starts in September rather than January.  (I fully credit the school system for that).

Even when I was studying year-round with AU I was excited by Fall, during the summer months I would ease up on my course load and come September I would be stacking them back up.  I was always eager to get back into that schedule, get back to working hard to focus on improving myself and learning.

The school system does ingrain this schedule into us, the summer break, the ramping back up in the fall, but often jobs don’t allow us to stay on this rhythm.  I am lucky that publishing complements this style—there is a general winding down for a couple weeks in the summer and then things pick right back up full steam come the fall.  Everyone, it feels like, is eager to get back to business once the air turns cool.  And, it is kind of great to be able to be surrounded by people on the same seasonal schedule.

Whatever the reason is, once the leaves start to turn and the mornings are frosty I start to crave getting back into a routine, to learning something new, and pushing myself.  I am drawn to my desk rather than away from it and putting in the hours needed are done gladly.  I love to be out and exploring it the fall, but I also love to be working to be striving for something and learning as much as I can.

With anything, there are triggers we can train ourself for, by not working in bed when we go into the bedroom our body understands it is time to sleep and will start to wind down.  Some people use certain scents to get their mind into the right “lane”.  Sometimes authors will use a specific scented candle to get their mind in the moment for writing.

It is all a mental trigger and if we understand it then it can be useful when we need a bit of extra motivation –though I can’t exactly bottle the whole feeling of fall, I will enjoy the seasonal effect and embrace the busy-ness that is coming.

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