Editorial—Help Wanted

This week, we move away from interviewing the GSA to interview one of our own AUSU Councillors.  Scott Jacobsen spoke with AUSU Councillor Lisa Oracheski some time ago, and today we present that interview as our Feature article.

Also this week, we have a new writer who goes by the name of Darjeeling Jones who is reviving a column the Voice used to run regularly, the PorkPie Hat.  Many of you indicated in the Voice Survey you wanted more content related specifically to AU and your education, and so the idea of this column will be to explore the idea of education and what is to be self-taught.  I’m curious to see where this goes, because, as AU students, we all have experience with those courses where it seems help can be thin (or in some cases, frustratingly unhelpful) and if we don’t teach ourselves, it simply won’t happen.

But speaking of AU related content, I should note that The Voice Magazine is looking for more writers who are willing to specifically seek out stories and ideas directly related to AU and the AU student body and who are willing to be paid to have those stories told to our readers.  While we’ve got a great group of writers already, sometimes one of them does something silly like graduate and then moves on to bigger and better things, meaning that there’s room for new voices to shine.

So maybe you have had a great experience with a tutor? Or perhaps an astoundingly bad one?  Consider submitting your story to The Voice Magazine, as we’re interested and we know we get seen by a lot of people in the AU community as well as students.  Are you travelling while taking your courses?  There’s probably a lot of students just like you who are interested in how you balance your life with your courses.

And though you’ve probably already done this, I should remind you to consider subscribing to our email list.  Each week we send out a reminder when the latest Voice Magazine is out, giving you a heads up of what you can expect, and also containing a few goodies and surprises here and there.  (If you are a subscriber already, check out the “to” lines of the emails you’ve been receiving for the past several weeks, for instance)

Getting back to what’s in this week’s issue, we’ve also got some advice on easy changes you can make to your lifestyle that will help you save tons of money over the years. When you’re trying to afford that next set of courses or staring in disbelief at your student loan documents, every little bit can help!

Plus, a DIY Southwestern Style Chili recipe (specifically tailored to you InstantPot users out there, though with instructions if you don’t have one), how to convince others to tell you their secrets, advice, reflections, and more!

Enjoy the read!