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Lesley seeks feedback on ENGL 305 Literature for Children; based on overwhelmingly positive reviews she decides to enroll in the course.  Chanelle needs six science credits and students offer their course recommendations.

Other posts include writing an exam past the course contract date, creative uses for old study notes, Jason’s rant of the week, and courses COMP 318, HLST 301, and SOSC 366.


A student challenging MATH 309 Discrete Mathematics seeks practice or study materials.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “We’re incredibly proud of our Louisa Daley. Thanks to @City_tv for featuring our 94-year old graduate student:  #lifelonglearning.”

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “If you have news to share- perhaps a new job, interesting hobby or unique travel experience, an award or special recognition. It’s a great way to stay connected with classmates all over the world! Drop us a line!”