The Fit Student—Age 30 Years Younger

Do you want the brain of John von Neumann or the bod of Wonder Woman?  Well, what you nibble now builds or breaks you later.  (Same with what you think and do now.)  You see, your body replaces cells fast.  You get a spanking-new body every seven years.  That might mean you grow a new brain, too.

And you can age younger (a process called anabolism, according to author Tom O’Bryan).

So, build a 10-star brain and bod with nutrition, fitness, and collagen.

As a teen, each day I snacked on sweets plus one slice of pizza.  As a young adult, I starved myself skinny.  And as an older adult, I gorged garbage.  I wound up huffed, hunched, and woozy walking malls.

But I aged 30-years younger in the last fifteen months.  Yes!  The clock spun thirty years backwards.  My body now looks better than it did age 18.

And you can turn back time, too.  Here’s how I did it:

To halt aging, I cut out sugar, except for fruit and 88% dark chocolate.  I also tossed gluten and dairy, except bran and Greek yogurt.  I snack on the odd slice of pizza.  But, now that I eat super healthy, I get stabbing cramps when scarfing a slice.  So, I’ve ditched pizza, too.

To stop the body clock, I muster two daily workouts.  Yoga or cardio every morning.  Weights most nights.  After all, nothing beats aging—and stress—like gym-bustling.

To reverse skin aging, I guzzle bone broth brewed from grass-fed cows.  Bone broth boosts gut-health, beats colds, and, of course, builds bones.  But most of all, bone broth’s collagen serves as nature’s botox.  No need for injections or botched plastic surgery.

Here’s how to build a new 10-star bod and brain.  Tom O’Bryan shows how in his book The Autoimmune Fix: How to Stop Hidden Autoimmune Damage that Keeps You Sick, Fat, and Tired Before It Turns Into Disease:

  • What you munch today matters 7 years later: “We have an entire new body every 7 years” (location 1754, 27%).
  • Aim to build a 10-star bod and brain: “When a cell reproduces itself, it reproduces an exact duplicate of itself. So a 7.6 functioning cell will replicate another 7.6 functioning cell, even though your DNA blueprint says that you can be a 10” (location 3004, 46%).
  • Junky foods age new cells, lowering your new bod’s star-rating: “But if you continue to live the same lifestyle, meaning eating foods that you have a sensitivity to, drinking too much, or eating junk foods, you are taxing your liver further. Pretty soon your liver will begin functioning as a [lower] 7.5.  When that cell reproduces, you reproduce a 7.5” (location 3004, 46%).  And so on.
  • Growing unhealthier cells has a scientific name: “This process of getting old is technically referred to as catabolism” (location 3013, 46%).
  • But a healthy diet nudges you closer to a 10-star rating: “Your cells are … able to reproduce newer, healthier cells as long as you continue to provide a healthier environment by eating more nutrient-dense, less inflammatory foods. Instead of being a 7.3, you begin functioning as a 7.4.  When that cell reproduces, it reproduces as a 7.4” (location 3013, 46%).  And so on.
  • Growing healthier cells has a scientific name: “This process of getting younger and stronger is technically referred to as anabolism” (location 3023, 46%). Ah, the word anabolism sounds scientifically sweet, doesn’t it?  Yes, you can grow younger!
  • Don’t live a one-star life: “Oddly, chronic health conditions are almost accepted as normal parts of life: fatigue, pain, depression, obesity, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and many more” (location 492, 7%).
  • Instead, eat a 10-star diet: “When you take out gluten, dairy, and sugar from your diet, you’re lowering your body’s toxic exposures” (location 3089, 47%).
  • The less toxins, the better your cells reproduce at higher-star ratings: “If you have 100 toxins coming in and you reduce 80 of them, then your body can handle the other 20 much easier” (location 3099, 47%).
  • Voila! Here’s a 10-star diet: “Instead of eating harmful foods that make you forgetful, sick, fat, and tired, you’ll be enjoying all types of fruits and vegetables; clean meats, fish, and poultry; and healthy fats” (location 3255, 50%),
  • Most of all, probiotics boost your bod’s star-rating by blasting away inflammation: “Eat one forkful of fermented foods every day ….” (location 2023, 31%). “Good choices include: coconut kefir, naturally fermented pickles … kimchi, kombucha, olives, pickled ginger, sauerkraut” (location 3581, 55%).  O’Bryan recommends you take “a mixed probiotic capsule along with your fermented vegetables” (location 4330, 62%).

Daily, I eat sauerkraut and probiotic yogurt.  I also drink organic apple cider vinegar with its murky probiotics known as the “mother.”

I’d once get sick as soon as a sneeze sounded.  Now, no colds.  No fevers.  No nausea.  And I once suffered severe anxiety.  Now, never.

So, change your diet today.  In seven years, you’ll have the brain and bod of John von Neumann wed with Wonder Woman.

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