Five Ways to Take Advantage of your Student Status

Back-to-school season for students often means an overwhelming series of stimuli and activity.  AU students particularly have a host of to-dos on their list including paying tuition, stocking up on school supplies and Kraft dinner.  And then there’s the lack of income security and the hefty cost of education.  However, there are many hidden perks to the student status.  So don’t miss the opportunity to use your student status to its fullest potential.  Having your student ID handy is the key to seizing the day as a student.  Whether you’re at the local gym or online shopping, knowing where to turn for student discounts will make those alumni and graduates jealous.

  • Student Restaurant deals: The notorious student discounts in many local bars, restaurants, and fast food chains are often unknown to students. Arby’s, Dairy Queen and Burger King all offer 10% off for students with valid student IDs.  Additionally, students with SPC cards gain the extra edge by showing their card and receiving special offers at the checkout counter.
  • Student Amazon discount: with one-day shipping that comes at half the price of the $119 annual fee, student prime has saved me time and money numerous times. Specifically, textbooks on Amazon that come either as paperback or Kindle editions help me to acquire mandatory textbooks with a single click.  Even if you’re not shopping for textbooks, Amazon also has prime days which offer even greater deals for the budget shoppers.  While I am not affiliated with Amazon in anyway, I can come to appreciate the convenience this has created in my academic career.
  • Student Internet deals: while many students are aware of the savings of using a student internet or phone plan, I have encountered many who still opt to pay full price. What better way to sign up for an internet plan half the original price of what a working adult pays? For myself, I signed up for my student internet plan in early August when many telecommunication companies’ student deal plans begin to surface.  If you are sharing your living space with other students, team up for even greater cost savings.
  • Student technology deals: If you’re looking to purchase a new laptop or software, usually waiting until back to school season (August to September) is a sure-fire way to save more with student pricing. Apple offers deals in September with $100 gift cards or brand-name headphones.  Microsoft, Dell, Adobe and Best Buy also have their individual student deals for essential software such as Microsoft Office.
  • Student travel discount: The biggest mistake some of my friends have made while travelling is not bringing their student IDs. For example, while out travelling in East Asia, a few friends forgotten their student IDs on the trip and paid nearly double the admission tickets to popular destinations such as the Great Wall of China.  Many foreign student IDs are accepted.  Besides admission tickets, transportation methods such as the Greyhound also provide additional student pricing.