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Katy asks for help interpreting her program requirements in Degreeworks; the consensus is to call an AU advisor ’cause they’re the best!  Niki worries that her online exam wasn’t properly closed during a ProctorU session but is resigned to waiting until Monday to confirm with AU.  Shari’s moving to Washington state and seeks info about exam proctors from students in the area; looks like she’ll be covered. 

Other posts include proper decorum in the group, maximum credits for PLAR, and courses ENGL 305, HADM 339, LGST 369, and PSYC 355.


A poster is looking for insight on which calculus course to take:  AU course MATH 260 or TRU course Math 1171; if you’ve taken both or either maybe you can help out.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “#AthabascaU is #NowHiring an Individualized Study Tutor for Cultural Studies in Everyday Life. Responsible for providing academic support to students & marking assignments, the ideal candidate would have a Master’s in Cultural Studies or related field.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “November award, bursary and scholarship applications are opening this week! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Visit our website for more information on the available awards opening for November. APPLICATIONS OPEN SEPTEMBER 20th!”

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