This is going to be a quick editorial, as I’m still dealing with the after effects of this flu and really not fully up to snuff.

After all the troubles two weeks ago that lead to us skipping an issue, however, it is kind of nice to get back to normal. Or at least as normal as we get around here.  And fortunately, we resume with a great interview as our feature.  Tania Parker interviews graduate student Margot Van Sluytman, who has started the sawbonna project.  Sawbonna, as it turns out, is a word with a lot of meaning packed into it, and Van Sluytman may serve as inspiration for you if you’re wondering about a larger meaning behind your studies.

We also have an interview with Dr. Shawn Fraser, the interim dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Not only an interesting interview, it comes packed with a lot of advice if you’re starting to look toward undertaking some post-graduate work.

We round this issue out with a Porkpie Hat that digs into the idea of the world not being a battle between good and evil so much as it is a battle between freedom and fear.  As well as some possible weapons we could use to make sure freedom wins. It’s an interesting idea in how it does seem to explain so much of what we see going on in the world today.  So maybe the prescription it offers is the right one as well.  At any rate, enjoy the read!

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